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Secondary Trauma and Self-Care

That which makes us dedicated caregivers can also set us up for experiencing secondary trauma.  In this workshop we look at factors leading to secondary trauma, and, more importantly, how to care for ourselves in the face of challenging work.

Strategies to Build Resiliency through Self-Care

Life can be challenging for all of us at one time or another.  Often during these times, we forget how to care for ourselves.  In this workshop, we focus specifically on  self-care strategies that lead to greater resilience 


Helping Students Build Resiliency One Strength at a Time

Much of what helps students to be successful is about hard work and determination but also depends

on the student’s ability to be resilient after facing inevitable challenges in their academic life. One of the ways students can build their resiliency is through the discovery of their dominant strengths.

In thisworkshop, we will learn how to help students discover their dominant strengths and how to use them to overcome academic challenges.

Developing Positive Thinking Habits

Often our habitual thinking patterns can make it difficult for us to be resilient. In this workshop, we look at common thinking “traps” and learn ways to challenge them to develop more positive and resilient ways of thinking. 


Cultivating Signature Strengths

During difficult times, it’s critical that we know what strengths we can draw upon to help us be resilient. In this workshop, we look at the relationship between resilience and strengths and how by playing to your strengths, you can maintain balance in your life. 

“After Louise’s wonderful presentation on finding strengths, I have been practicing 11 minutes of gratitude every day with my daughter. We incorporate it into a fun game of some sort and she has been looking forward to it daily. Thank you!!!” Denise S Clinical staff Elizabeth Freeman Center 


Resiliency Through Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

An ability to quiet your mind and body, particularly in stressful times, is vital for maintaining a resilient and healthy life. In this workshop, we will learn about stress and its impact on our mind and body, identify our current stressors, and learn some simple breathing and relaxation exercises to help calm the mind and body. 

“I was new to the concept of meditation as a way to manage my stress. Through Louise’s guidance, I learned to use mindful breathing as a way of relaxing the mind and body. I feel inspired to continue my mediation and the mindful breathing in my everyday life.  Sharon A. Staff member at BCC 

Workshops and presentations can be half-day, full day, or 90 minutes long. I'm happy to design specific presentations to accommodate your needs 

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