• Louise Hurwitz

What to do with your "to do" list

Like me, you may create long lists of things that need to get done and then feel paralyzed when you see how long the list is. I hear the familiar voices of worry and doubt: “ I’ll never get all this done. I don’t know where to start. Ugh…I hate being this overwhelmed.” This is just where I found myself recently. My “to-do” list consisted of all those things that need to get done when the seasons change: rake, clean garden beds, put away summer clothes, etc etc. On top of this I wanted to make sure I had time to focus on my coaching business. In theory I know about breaking big tasks into manageable pieces but I didn’t always practice this until now and it really has helped.

Step One- create your list

Step Two-decide how long each task will take

Step Three-prioritize. Ask yourself “which of these tasks is most important to accomplish first?” Raking the leaves before a big rain storm might take precedence over putting away my summer clothes.

Step Four-DO IT!!! Just jump in and start. You can give yourself a time limit or a goal of completing a certain amount. The important thing is to start

Step Five-Celebrate when you finish. This is the step most of us forget. We tend to skip over the accomplishment and focus on what we still have to do. WRONG. Acknowledge your achievement, give yourself credit. You deserve it.

The other cool thing I noticed after my “one task at a time approach” is that I actually have more time in my day to fit in other things like writing this blog post.


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