• Louise Hurwitz

Get Up and Dust Yourself Off

Starting my own coaching business means knocking on doors, calling, emailing, and basically putting myself "out there". It also means that I have to be ready to hear "no" or " sounds good, but..." Today I was asking myself how I apply the skills of resiliency when I hear disappointing news. How do I keep myself from getting discouraged? What works best for me is applying my strength of persistence. After I take a short (emphasis on short) amount of time to lick my wounds, I decide what step to take next. Maybe that means following up on a lead or sending my resume to a potential client. Maybe it means writing a blog post! Whatever the direction, it's critical to figure out what the next step will be. What will you do to re-focus your attention away from the disappointment to the next productive step to reach your goals. What strength can you use to help you do this? Resiliency is really about getting up and dusting yourself off to keep on keeping on. What will you do today?

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