• Louise Hurwitz

Don't Forget Yourself

The other day I posted this question to friends on Facebook, “What did you do today that made you proud?” I wasn’t sure who would respond or what they might say, but I was really happy to see what others wrote. It’s not so much what they wrote, actually, it that they were able to find times in their day to feel pride about themselves. I’m proud of them for doing this, because we often keep ourselves from feeling self-pride, let alone posting it for all to see!!

Why is this so hard? If you’re like me, I get to the end of my day and think about all the things I didn’t get done, or should have done. I don’t stop to appreciate what I did do, and doing nothing and/or napping count as accomplishments. The other thing that keeps us from feeling proud of ourselves, is that we tend to downplay our accomplishments, saying things like, “It’s no big deal that I …(you fill in blank)”. We do this with big and small accomplishments. We don’t like “bragging”. This is especially true for women and girls. Yet, when we don’t take a moment in our day to feel pride about what we have done, we lose out on what can really be a boost to self-esteem and to our ability to be resilient. So…my challenge to you today and everyday, is to ask yourself before you fall asleep, “what have I done today that made me proud?” Remember everything counts!, especially you!!

#coachingtips #resilience

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