• Louise Hurwitz

Complaining as a Catalyst for Change

I have found so much to complain about lately-well, some goes beyond complaining to screaming out in utter frustration. Unfortunately, while it may feel good in the moment, complaining, in all its forms, only takes me down a path of helplessness and hopelessness. What helps me most is to find ways to channel my energy into what I would like vs. what I don't like. This is not always easy to do especially in this crazy world right now, but all it takes is one small step. Maybe it's finding a way to de-clutter instead of complaining that you can't find anything. Perhaps it's writing to your senator or going to a vigil, or just gathering with friends who can support you. Making a small move in a positive, proactive direction tips the scale from hopelessness towards hope, powerlessness towards power, and paralysis towards action. What's one step you can take today to move away from what you don't want towards what you do want? Use the complaint as a catalyst for change.

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