Coaching is all about clarifying your goals, creating a plan to reach them, and celebrating your success. 


Are you ready to connect or reconnect to the passion and purpose in your life and/or career?  


Leslie’s story *

Leslie came to me very dissatisfied with her current job.  She very much wanted to reopen her dog training business and stop working in dead end restaurant jobs.  While she had passion for working with dogs, she also lacked a real plan,  and was full of doubts about her ability to really start her own business.  Slowly and with lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement, Leslie developed a plan that is now blossoming into a thriving dog training business.  She’s even added dog massage to her list of skills.  Now that her business is gaining success, she’s more confident about earning money doing what she is passionate about:; she’s cut back on waitressing.  Along the way, Leslie and I worked on getting in touch with her strengths, challenging negative self-talk, and helping her to be accountable to the goals she set.  She now believes that her dream, once seen as impossible, is a reality and that she made that happen!

Does your life feel out of balance or are you facing challenges requiring more ways to take care of yourself and tap into the power of your resiliency?


Toni’s story *

Toni came to me for coaching feeling depressed. Her life seemed out of balance with too much work and family responsibilities and very little time for herself.  While she longed for more “me” time, she couldn’t imagine how to make it happen.  Overtime Toni and I explored what might be holding her back and which of her strengths she could use to bolster her resilience. With lots of encouragement a  nd support, Toni began to make changes in her life that included time for herself. She learned that it was OK to say “yes” to herself, to set healthy limits at work and at home.  Toni’s learned that by taking better care of herself, she actually had more energy and passion for the rest of her life.

* Names have been changed to protect confidentiality

To learn more about whether coaching with me is right for you, please email me at: and we can set up a complimentary  30 min session.  

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