A Little Bit About Me

My Background

As a mental health counselor, coach,  teacher, and faculty member in higher education for the

past 20 years, I've  witnessed

firsthand how much the skills of resiliency can have a profound impact on our ability to stay balanced even in the face of struggle and challenge.  I've witnessed this

both in my  own life and in the lives of the

students and clients with whom I have


What Motivates Me

My  deep commitment to

helping people develop the core traits of

resiliency  and then apply them to create more positive and happy lives is the driving force in my work as

a teacher, coach, and workshop leader.  I teach full

courses on developing resiliency and

facilitate workshops  and presentations in

colleges, high schools, and in the private

sector.  As a coach, I also help clients to use the skills of resiliency as they make changes in their lives.  

What values are important to me when working with clients?

Whether I am teaching, coaching, or facilitating workshops what is most important to me is respect for each person’s unique ways of looking at the world.  I strive to always act with integrity, compassion, guided by a strong belief in people’s ability to make positive changes in their lives.

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